Coming together to plan events, create resources, update the outdated, or discuss the needs of the community as a whole.
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There are a few community events that have been ongoing for the past handful of years. There are also a few large events in development and hopeful to have their first event in the next year or two. The more consistent, well-known large organized events for the community that have been established are:

  • CAPCon (Chicago, IL; United States)
  • West Coast Jungle Gym (San Diego, CA; United States)
  • TOMKAT (Lavigne, Ontario; Canada)
  • TeddyCon (Allentown, PA; United States)
  • USLittles International Ageplay Retreat (United States)
These more widely known and established community events involve things like educational classes, casual dances, talent shows, pageants, movies, subgroup get-togethers, and plenty of leisure play time with oversized toys.

They tend to have rooms already set up with crafting options like beading, little-age appropriate toys and furniture (such as a play room or adult-sized nursery), and sometimes even dark ageplay.

What other ideas do you think a large-scale community event could include?

What improvements do you think could be made to enhance the experience of these events?

What do you wish these events also included?
With sites like Alibaba that allow you to buy cheap wholesale goods in bulk so much more could potentially be affordable, I believe. I once read that things like board games were removed because attendees had stolen them, but I feel like that potential loss could be genuinely factored in some how to permit such activities. Also, the cost of these events are often over $100 so it’s hard to grasp why $100 loss on game boards is too much when 500+ people attend.

Anyway, the more interactive the event is, the more people are talking together about the experiences and feeling positive about their identity. It’s important to have that community bond. So, here are some thoughts I've had about conventions and additions that could potentially be made:

Kids Party Stuff
  • A mock "birthday party" room with streamers, a faux cardboard birthday cake, banners, confetti.
    To tie in with that: traditional kids party games in that room. I am thinking very basic games like pin the tail on the donkey, a couple of pinatas, orchestrated "tag", "Simon Says". I especially feel like a few games of "Mother, may I?" would go over very well.
  • A small mobile indoor petting zoo or animal education presentation thing where a person comes in with an animal such as a snake and talks for 15-30 minutes about the animal. I believe people can even do this with pigs, larger spiders, and other uncommon pets. It could be entertaining and possibly easy to set up. Some littles like educational things, and I can see this catering toward the middle group as well.
  • A clown (or a few clowns). They could do some very basic things like make balloon animals or perform simple party tricks. Sometimes their presence alone could really liven an area up, and they would be easily avoidable for those who dislike clowns.
  • A magician. They wouldn't really have to be very good or elaborate to be entertaining, and it could be done in a way that more closely mimics being at a child's birthday party.
  • If an outdoor area were to be available and permit it then I think renting a full size carousel would be wonderful. Since it's a somewhat pricey rental and there are "limited seats" per each round then there could be an additional $1 charge to ride it. That would also prevent people from getting on and staying on for hours so that everyone would be able to get a turn.
  • A "camp in" room for one night of the convention. Cheap single-person tents could be set up in the room and/or a bunch of basic sleeping bags be made available, and a mock campfire could be made from lights and cardboard. The group who wants to participate could "sit around the campfire" and tell spooky (but maybe silly too) stories.
  • A simple but on going game of hide-n-go-seek throughout the hotel. It could be set up with a "wanted poster" so everyone participating could see the face of the one person they're ultimately seeking during the convention days. The person could simply wear a bag and when found they could give something small, like a little cheap lollipop or sticker. Bumping into them and remembering their face from the poster could be fun, and something like lollipops can fill a backpack for only a small amount of money.
  • Basic lobe ear piercings could be available and tie in things like adulthood, childlike feelings, and a lasting token of the event. A small area could be set up with 1 or 2 licensed piercing professionals from a local establishment who are offering basic lobe ear piercings to attendees. A low-cost flat rate could be presented (like $15 ear piercings) and the piercer(s) could tag along selling saline solutions and aftercare creams as desired. Consent waiver to be supplied by the professional(s).
  • The use of kids paper party cups with character designs at the water table. It's nice that the events typically provide cups of water for attendees that need a quick refreshment, but it boggled my mind to see that the cups were quite plain and generic. I understand the investment there is a full loss but I think cute character cups could really help add to the event even in the smallest of ways.

More Crafting and Small Activity Tables
  • Beading, sure.
  • Crayons, simple coloring sheets, plain white paper.
  • Word searches.
  • Cheap stamps from party supply places.
  • Cheap "kite" making.
  • Cardboard tube "rainsticks" (great for anxious people)
  • Children's books to read quietly. (These could be bought from local thrift stores.)
  • 100-250 piece cheap $1-$2 puzzles.
  • Board games (Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, the super cheap little kid games you can snag for $5 or $6 these days)
  • Santa letter/wishlist table.
  • Paper slide together crowns with glitter glue and plastic gems.
  • Pacifier decorations. You can now buy the adult-sized pacifiers wholesale online for extremely cheap. A few warm glue guns, gems, glitter, and basic beads together could allow someone to get creative with a cheap, temporary pacifier they could use or wear during the convention.

Dark Age Play Room
  • A convention could actually hire a couple of strip dancer people that are typically for bachelor/bachelorette parties just keep the room more lively. They wouldn't need to get bare-skinned, of course, and maybe even something like belly dancers could be used since many people don't particularly see that as purely innocent. Sometimes just "dancers" can make things less intense or cold, and the room itself seems more interactive, interesting, and welcoming.

Additional Visuals
  • Blow up animals/pool animals throughout the convention space.
  • Helium balloons. Helium tanks aren't too pricey and I think many littles would love being able to pull along a balloon while they walk around the area.
  • Fog and/or bubble machines. I know this is really dependent on the space but they're at least interesting considerations.

Helping the Community
  • A makeshift pamphlet or flyer that includes links to helpful resources, online communities, sites, other events, chat rooms, forums, and podcasts. Maybe only have a 2-5 top links for these things or have a link that directs to "the full list" or some such. This information could be set on the sign-in table for people to pick up when entering and exiting.
  • Dreams/Goals banner (each individual can sign their name on a larrrge white paper banner and include a short message about their personal dream or goal). A book could be used instead and could sit out the following year to let people look through it and recall what they had written.
  • 2021/20## Success banner (each individual can sign their name on a larrrge white paper banner and include a brief statement about their biggest success during the previous or current year). A book could be used instead and could sit out the following year to let people look through it and recall what they had written.
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