Discuss regression caregiving, related relationship dynamics, and have open group conversation about being a caregiver. Share experienced advice and exchange ideas to help one another grow in knowledge.
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Many Caregivers generally feel pressured to never display vulnerability, worry, fear, or even illness. Many who have hid these normal, natural parts of themselves away from their partners may further internalize their concerns, growing more unwell with the additional stress of excessive privacy. Caregivers may feel extra pressure to appear confident and like a superhero. Additional stress may come when trying to comfort worried or ill loved ones, including littles who may be emotionally demanding for reassurance. This could lead to Caregiver burnout, which absolutely may manifest as depression, distancing, short-fused, or just generally feelings of having excessive stress. Learn more about Caregiver burnout here.

If you've ever become stressed out from taking care of other people then what have you done to help reduce that stress and get back to a healthy, content point?

If you've not dealt with this issue yet then can you think of a few ways how you'd likely handle it?
I have not personally delt with this. But my x partner did she was definitely not a caregiver but more of a little but from my past experiences she would get this feeling all the time from everything and space helped her for most of it. But it was also more than that. There might be underlying issues that you haven't received yet or if it's just getting to be to much and that's all there is I recommend just space to clear your head and be by yourself and your own thoughts for a while
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