Discuss regression caregiving, related relationship dynamics, and have open group conversation about being a caregiver. Share experienced advice and exchange ideas to help one another grow in knowledge.
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The terms of endearment that are most frequently used in the community by Littles referring to their Caregivers is Mommy (Mama, Momma) and Daddy (Dada, Papa).

Are there any other names in particular that you enjoy being called when you’re feeling very parental or are actively caregiving? Any particular name you wish your partner would use sometimes for you?
I usually am called Daddy by my little, but my little does have DID and for different alters I have some different names: some call me Daddy, some call me Mommy, and we've talked before over other possible names such as Chichi or Mapa. As a gender-fluid person, I'm comfortable with both masculine and feminine Caregiver names, and ones that are neither, so I respond to pretty much anything my Little might call me, but so far those 4 are the only ones we've explored.
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