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Please know that mental conditions that cause multiple personalities or “alters” are not Littles or littlespace experiences. What they are describing is a serious mental condition (likely Disassociative Identity Disorder or what was formerly outright labeled as Multiple Personalities Disorder) that only a licensed therapist and medication under medical supervision can help. Your friend will need to see a therapist to receive the appropriate type of help they truly need. If their current therapist is not adequately helping their symptoms then they should seek out a new therapist for treatment. This is not a mental condition that is recoverable, and is diagnosed as a lifelong disorder.

If your friend insists on you being their Caregiver then know that this is romantic and very emotionally demanding. You would be agreeing to start a romantic relationship with this person, who will no longer be just a friend. If you are truly considering this despite this not being littlespace experiences then please take time to thoroughly educate yourself. You cannot replace therapy no matter how good of a Caregiver you may be, and this person clearly needs the truly professional help network to maintain their own wellness.

Here are some great, accurate educational resources on what being a little actually is:


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