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Many Littles use games as a way to utilize their abundance of imagination or to engage in an activity designed for much younger audiences. Many Caregivers may find that they don’t have as active of an imagination, and quickly grow bored with some games a Little may find exciting. Not all games are so black and white though.

What games can you think of that feed a Little’s regression in some way while also likely offering enough interest to a Caregiver (or just generally someone not finding gaming immersive, not enticed by imagination-driven play, or not liking the idea of regressed game play)?
I feel like some board games and card games offer a good balance for both Caregivers as well as regressors. Sometimes just because they’re silly but short enough. Some that I can think of off the top of my head:

Card Games
  • Uno (so many versions!)
  • Saboteur
  • Taco vs Burrito
  • Long Cow
  • One Night Werewolf
Board Games
  • Risk
  • Draftosaurus
Personally, I find many classic games like Monopoly, Trouble, Sorry, Chutes & Ladders, Candy Land, and Jenga a little too boring for my attention. I like the idea of liking those games with my Little but it always feels unpleasantly silly to play them through. I suppose they just feel too juvenile for me.

I’ve been recommended Dungeons & Dragons a good handful of times but I’ve yet to try it out myself (maybe someone else has an opinion one way or the other of it?).

I know many Littles enjoy Cards Against Humanity but I don’t particularly know much about it either.

Perhaps some of the card and board games marketed specifically to adults could be fun for Littles too.

Oh, maybe Charades or Pictionary too!
I've played Cards against Humanity and it's rated Mature for language and sexual content, which is enjoyable and fun for some Littles and bad for others- it's been very fun for mine when we've played it!

There's similar games to CAH such as "New Phone, Who Dis" which is slightly less mature, though it still has sexual content, and one I found recently called "Stuff Happens", which is family-friendly in rating without sexual content, but some of the situations described set off food triggers for people in my household so that's something to keep in mind before playing.

I've found as far as engaging games go, I like board games so those are all good for me, but my little also enjoys playing Dominoes (and kicking my tail at it), an Egyptian-market themed math game called Bazaar that has been great fun, and Oh-Wah-Ree which is like Mancala but for up to 4 players rather than just 2, which makes for double the fun chaos on family game nights!

It might help you to stroll up the "family game night" aisle of your local Walmart (or equivalent) or Dollar Tree (or equivalent) with your little and see if there are any games that look interesting for you both!

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