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As a Caregiver you may agree to take on meal planning for your partner. Many regressors struggle to eat a well balanced diet, often opting for microwaveable meals, snack foods, or foods with childishly appealing designs. It’s common to see Littles note their love for deep fried french fries, hot dogs, corn dogs, macaroni and cheese, and dinosaur shaped processed chicken nuggets.

What are some foods, snacks, meals, or recipes you feel could be helpful to provide to your little that still encourages them in their regression while also supplying them the health benefits they need?
I find that finger foods are great for regression. Some of my favorite healthier snicky snacks include olives, grapes, cheese cubes, and veggie sticks (like chopped up carrot or celery) Cute shapes or cute dishes are good as well.

I know some healthier meals that throw me right into littlespace, but I'll have to find the recipes and post them later.

I know I'm a little, not a cg, but thankies for listening o(-_-)o
Suggestions that come to mind as a person that loves to cook- warning long... lot's of ideas...

Regular healthy food, but in bento form?
If you don't have the time and energy for Bento, cutting regular foods into fun shapes using certain tools for the job might do. (the same fun shape tools used for Bento)
Getting fun kitchen tools and turning the meal prep into Littlspace experience in itself. OTOTO has an adorable kitchen tool line, can be found on Amazon. I only have their Crab spoon holder, but if I were to have a Little, I'd definitely stock my kitchen with tools like that if they wish to help cook whilst in Littlspace. (what parent didn't let their kids help cook afterall? It can be fun and tasty.)

Could also give healthy food, but in specific dishes and cutlery for only when they are in Littlespace, that way it is associated to that 'space'? There's all sorts of cute bowls, plates, utensils and such the possibilities are a playground. And they'd still have healthy food a responsible parent/CG would give their growing kiddo. (I have to say "responsible" bc not everyone had great parents. lol... I didn't...)

OH! Another one is stocking up on bulk Food coloring, of course. Can turn any healthy meal cool.

Sprinkles! Great for if you have something like Pancakes for breakfast regularly, or regular icecream a lot, but the Little wants the pancakes/ice cream to feel extra special for their Littlespace that snack or day.

Mixing the Junkfood with healthy food. Snack, but especially cereal is good with this. I make a base homemade cereal, but add the junkfood cereal to it when snacking. For example, homemade baked granola with coco puffs or captain berry crunch in it or something. Another snack would be baked Fries AND Snap Peas. (snap peas are very sweet, even on their own so it is a very palatable vegetable).

Mushy healthy food take you out of the game? Stuff it in a medieval dumpling or tart! : D Turning it instantly into a fingerfood!

If you have yet to find your imagination when it comes to food, a great resource to jumpstart it would be a Halloween Recipe Book. They have food concepts and shapes in monsters and gore and stuff. It's a great sensory book for chillins as well. You don't have to make them into monsters of course, but anything. Princesses, dragons, robots, whatever. It's just a great inspirational tool. One that I have and cherish is "Taste of Home Halloween Party Favorites 243 Eerily easy recipes."

If it's the cooking part that is scary, how I got started is that I recorded what I liked, and then just looked up the vegan way to make it (or simply another healthy alternative, there just tends to be several if you look up vegan). Turning it at least 40% healthier, but filling that craving food void. If you just start all this new stuff, you are going to tucker out. But replacing one thing at a time and getting good at it, it is a lot easier to adjust. If you are typically making "TV Dinners", making all the dishes in it in bulk and freezing it is a great way to make it healthy, but on demand as much as you are used to. That's what I do now for all my food prep, one night a month(or 2), I clean , chop and put them all in sperate freezer bags, then take out what I need for that day, (or week if I know I wont have time to cook a lot, I will bulk cook). You can do this with snack foods as well. (I freeze or dehydrate everything... it's a bit of an obsession at this point... send help. lol)

Maybe a Little would like cinnamon spiced banana, mulled apple slices, Nord spiced blueberries, or candied vegetables as delicious healthy snacks? Don't be a afraid to "spice" things up, haha! It can really make a difference, giving nutritional vitamins and minerals they need.

Now a mealplan probably wouldn't work without consulting your little, so I wont give any, especially since I don't have a little. But if you have littlespace foods, I could probably give you healthy tips for it. :3 I also know a few healthy meals that are actually kind of sweet tasting if you'd like. Perhaps there's a better place to put this stuff, I'm new so I haven't figured it out just yet. I feel like this post is long enough that it wouldn't work here.
I'm a Little, but here's my suggestions.

Make food bowls/plates they like, so when they are feeling Little and they look for food, the food bowls/plates win. Because if they have too do to much they will just head for the junk food. Plus you can use them for snacks, while your cooking, to feed them so they stay out of the way/ take off the hunger they feel. (so they don't keep asking when dinner is...)

Have days when they are Little that they can have sweets.

Like Eorlundthegray, said make the cooking part of littlespace. Find out the Little's favorite character, and try to find cooking stuff in it, or maybe their favorite color, or favorite fruit?(I have seen stuff with strawberries on it) For example my favorite character is hello kitty, so I'm finding kitchen stuff that has her on it. (Thank god for Amazon!)

What if you made a food menu? Of what you could cook?
Even if you just a new food recipe each month to it, soon you will have enough so your Little wouldn't get bored of the food.

Food character day, make food in a character's appearance.
Take them out to eat and see what they order. (I know I usually get what I would like to eat in littlespace, even if I'm not in it.)

Find out what types of foods they like.
See the doctor for a blood panel on your little to see what they need nutrients.... (But be prepared to bribe them)
Be willing to work hard at cooking! And put your love into it!!!

Thats it for now.
PS. And thank you Eorlundthegray for the tool's line!! :)

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