Sharing advice on how to seek, manage, and maintain a relationship that includes CGL identities.
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Start wishlists, like at Amazon, together, and spend time oohing and awwing over styles and items you both like.

Create an Etsy favorites list together.

Create a Pinterest board together.

Shop together online from community shops and stores.

Look at nursery and playroom designs together.

Join boards to post and chat together in groups. Share the success and positivity of your relationship!

Share an email that you make together and subscribe to mailing lists for places like Tykables so you can talk about new things and designs coming out.

Look at at home craft ideas together, pick one out you’d like to see, and then ask them to do it for you and show you what they make.

Make videos for one another:
  • Tour your home or room
  • Read or tell a story
  • Take a walk through your neighborhood
  • Show your skill, such as cooking, or hidden talent
If your partner is up to cooking then share recipes with them. You can make the same food on the same day to enjoy together.

Take an online course together, and help your little with their homework assignment by working on them together.

Discuss and develop some nonverbal communication to implement when you are together but are either in a public situation or one of you doesn’t want to verbalize.

Watch a movie or TV show together/at the same time.

Read a longer book or novel together. You can read the book aloud while your little listens. Books, such as The BFG, from Roald Dahl are fun and entertaining for all ages, and books like The Princess Bride give a little romantic comedy to bond over. Don’t restrict yourselves to only young reader books though! Share what you both can enjoy.

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