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Hi , I'm Ash.

I found this site from ... caregivers the article "The Different Types of Caregivers for Caregiver/little Dynamics
What is a Caregiver person?"

I wanted to learn more about CgL, cuz it's what I want but I wanna get it more solid n responsibility you know. N talking to other people who know the thing/get it, cuz i want a solid community vs. a few spaces I've been to with unaware people sorta being confused in the group.

I know exactly what I want, I'm a little n I wanna see my biggie make expressions, n I want this -

But idk, who I am I know what I want but ..., depths of CgL terms of what kinda daddy I want this I can imagine it perfectly n know what n how I want, the interactions I want n how to do them healthy n what to watch out for(tho I can picture, n feel the flow 🌊), how to do things okay, healthy n very base thought, CgL details care details, how to find people n keep people safe while finding n just how to keep knowing ✅ stuff as I explore. CgL healthies, n situations n how to helps them n what to watch out for.

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