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By PapaLupin
Heya everyone! Tiny people included!
I'm Lupin, but i go by papa, pap, pops or anything else little guys wanna call me. I have one Tiny i already look after, but im always here for any other people that are in need of a caregiver!
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By Softlilst0ner
Hi I'm Wendy I'm a sfw little looking for a cg I'm 51 backwards but I'm really trying to find someone to care for me.i have mental illness and trauma which is why I regress(to cope with it). I'm very sensitive and caring even tho I present myself tough. I have been through a lot and ageregression has helped me through alot.i enjoy art,music ,smoking weed, fidget toys ,and cartoons. I have been hurt in the past by cgs taking advantage of me and using my attachment to them to get what they want so I am hoping that I can find someone who truly cares about me.

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