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Hello, everyone.

My name is Nate. But in the ABDL community, I go by Zorro Daddy. I am, by no means, a new kid on the block. I'm in my 40s and I have always been one of those Daddy types. I'm an author of ageplay fiction, was a promoter of ABDL conventions, have done an ABDL podcast, have an ABDL website and have enjoyed watching the ABDL community grow over the past 20 years.

When I discovered that ABDL existed, the internet had barely gotten up and running. There was no FetLife yet and there were only a few random ABDL sites which were hard to find because there weren't yet effective search engines like Google. I couldn't find much ABDL content at all. So I started making ABDL content. I put up posting, wrote stories and did all I could to flood the internet with such content. The goal was always to see to it that when someone did a search about ABDL, that relevant results would pop up. This was also the reason I promoted conventions, constantly tweeting about them and talking them up.

So ... hello! LOL

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