What is the difference between a caregiver and a caretaker?

A caregiver within our community is an individual who generally feels comfortable with expectations of adulthood, has the desire to "take care of" their romantic partner(s) more than typically expected, and often presents as naturally parental by personality regardless of age or experience as a parent. Romantically, they may be abe to partner with a regressor, more commonly referred to as a little, to better or more fully express their desire to affectionately parent.

A caretaker is unrelated to the CGL (Caregiver and Little) community. A caretaker is a person who tends to, takes care of, or looks after a building, property, or piece of land.

While many newcomers to the community may accidentally refer to a caregiver type identity as a caretaker, it is important the correct term be used whenever possible. With that being said, one should gently correct the term by at least using the proper one in response, ignoring the misuse of an unrelated term.

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